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( Atomic Ultimate Distribution )

Video AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution in Action

You can search in the NET, you will not find anything of this kind,
it is an EXCLUSIVE for the Front End AtomicFE, and it is Only Found On THIS SITE

The Setup AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution is now Available in Two Versions :

1) Modules Atomic Ultimate Distribution (Pas de BIOS Inclus) ==> Modules Séparés (de 01 Mo à 50 Mo)

The Atomic Ultimate Distribution Modules contain all the emulators in separate facilities

- which allows NOT DOWNLOAD that the emulator desired and create your own configuration in a Few Clicks

- which allows UNINSTALL an emulator for your project without problems

These modules do not contain the Program


To install these modules, you MUST INSTALL the Program AtomicFe v 0.20 first
Then install the module you want

After installing your modules Open the Projects "INSTALL" in AtomicStudio, and
- Click On
"REPAIRLIST" (Right click mouse in the window ListScreen (Left Window), then
- Create your HIERARCHY
- Copy your Roms, Snaps and BIOS in the good places.

2) AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution 0.3 (NO BIOS INCLUED) ==> Full Version (501 Mo) - (Download Times.)

AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution is Install of AtomicFE 0.20 understand that 115 modules pre-installed. It is "ready" for use. Simply add the Roms and BIOS place.

This version includes the Program"ATOMICFE V20 BETA 1" of 11/15/2008, Update AtomicFE If necessary after you install this program as well as the following emulators : Name Emu + Version + Web Site (Not Finish)


Atomic Ultimate Distribution 0.3

Atomic Ultimate Distribution is a facility that includes over 115 pre-installed modules.

It is "ready" for employment. Simply add the ROMS and BIOS where there need.

Notes: This version includes the Program ATOMICFE V20 "of 15/02/2009. (Update Atomic If Necessary) and the following Emulators: Name + Version + Emu Website

Atomic Ultimate Distribution HypersKin

This pack contains all the layout JP Donald converted for use with Atomic Ultimate

Installation will copy the HypersKin Layouts Layouts in your directory, and then will set up your configuration files automatically

Notes: You need to download the Ultimate Atomic Distribution Program

AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 01
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 02
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 03
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 04
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 05
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 06
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 07
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 08
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 09
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 10
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 11
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 12
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 13
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 14
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 15
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 16
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 17
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 18
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 19
AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution part 20

MAJ AtomicFE Ultimate Distribution : Install at Last - 05/13/2009

- Update Atomic Program of 04/07/2009. (Update Atomic If Necessary)
- Adds Jukebox Roms Module (Listen or to Record you're Mame Roms (+1100))
- Adds Viewer Module (View Files .PPS, ...)
- Adds Utilities "Change Roms Directory"
- Correction Module Game Park 32 (Now Functional)
- Correction Module Nebula (Now Functional)
- Correction Module Winkawaks (Now Functional)
- Correction Module Zinc (Now Functional)
- Fix Files Utilities (*_Liste_Favori.bat)
- Fix Files Config (GP32, Nebula, Winkawaks and Zinc )
- Fix File TREE.DATA (Arrange Icons under AtomicStudio)
- Activate BKMUSIC in All Screens
- Amendment to the Set Image

WARNING - When you Leave the Update Program, Open Project "INSTALL",
in AtomicStudio and Click On REPAIRLIST & RESYNCTREE

Good Fun !!!


For questions, Bugs, ..., contact me about this post : AtomicFe Ultimate Distribution Support Thread


- A Youki, Designer Atomic for Small Utilities that my created to achieve this Install (RandomRom.exe, UpdateIni.exe, ExtractLine.exe and AddText.exe) and for his great FrontEnd Delivered free

- A xxxxx, Member ArcadeFever for these Customised Layouts

- A xxxxx, for

- For All Emulators designers who are left in this Installation - ( Name Emu + Version + Web Site )

- For all people who have helped for this project

- A Vincent, WebMaster ArcadeHit, for his Generous Donation


Atomic is TOTALLY FREE and NOT LIMITED help Youki for cover its costs, as the software home and Development, its Server and the many hours he spent Create this FrontEnd, Just Simply click on each visit the Banner of its Sponsors , or for more generous of You, to offer him a Tipping !!! (PayPal).

You find his banner on Official Website Atomic , and/or Archeo-Gamers (AtomicFE Forum)
and each time you start AtomicStudio.


Roustouti, Membre ArcheoGamers : I wish to congratulate the big job for the configuration!! it is rare that something expected to give satisfaction.

Youki, Designer Atomic : You have said! is the impressive job he did

Sergio46, Member Archeo-Gamers : Hey this is Great! It gives so much Value AtomicFE this pack! Great, it can also discover that emulators are used not.

Crapahute, Member Archeo-Gamers : As lazy, I thank you in advance for the job.

Laurentj, Member Archeo-Gamers : I dream since I started back in, errors are still errors. Finally a facility that will allow me to play without having to change, reinstall, ...

Althacraam, Member Archeo-Gamers : GIANT !!! I can not find any other word to describe this huge and excellent work. 1000 thanks to LaDite

Enjoy !!!

LaDite, Member Archeo-Gamers
Atomic Ultimate Distribution
2008 - 2009

LaDite, Member ArcheoGamers 2008-2009